Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are various questions we've been asked. If you don't see your question, please feel free to e-mail us (

I'm having a garage/yard sale. Can I list that with you?

Unfortunately, no. We do our very best to keep the site for traditional estate liquidations where most of the items of a household or business are being liquidated. You would need to physically move all or a large portion of the sale items indoors in order to be able to list the sale on our site. We specify that your sale must be inside the home, but of course, we realize that not every item of an estate can be inside - we wouldn't ask you to make room for a lawnmower or a motorcycle in the living room.

We do our best to keep yard and garage sales off of our site. Here's a page that helps explain what types of sales should be on the site:

Sale Types on

How do I list my sale with you?

If you want to list an estate sale or some type of liquidation sale, simply click the box at the top that says " List a Sale". Here is a video that will walk you through the process: List a Sale. Please note: Your sale MUST be published to the site at least 48 hours prior to the first day of the sale to be included in the email notifications.

How can I edit my sale after publishing the listing?

You can always log back into the " Account Home" section to edit your sale.

How do I pay?

As soon as you've submitted your sale listing, you'll be directed to the publish page which will allow payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Why isn't my credit card working?

We accept all valid Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards. If yours isn't being accepted, double-check that you've typed the card number, expiration dates, CVC code, and billing ZIP code correctly. If they're correct, you might want to check with the bank or card issuer to be sure there aren't any issues with your balance or the account and that the card has been activated long enough to be able to be used. Most prepaid cards work on our site, some do not. We aplogize for the inconvenience.

Can I choose not to display my sale's address until the day before the sale?

Yes! Our system will automatically hide the address until 9am of the day before the sale begins. Your sale's address can be displayed as late as three hours before the sale starts, or as early as you want. You can make this selection on the first page of the sale wizard.

What information should I provide in the sale description?

It's best to provide as much information as possible in the sale description. We have no limit for text (unlike the newspaper), so more is always better. This can only draw more interest in your sale, as people are able to get a good idea about what you have available. Be as descriptive as possible; if you have furniture, what type of furniture is it? What is the brand name? What is the color? Etc.

We also have a search feature that will allow someone to enter in key terms to look for sales that include those particular items. In addition, we have our free Treasure Tracker feature available to any account holder. This feature simplifies the estate sale experience by allowing individuals to save their favorite search terms on their accounts. Our system then scans every sale to look for those items. Once a sale is found that meets their Treasure Tracker settings, we notify them by email.

When does your email blast go out?

System wide, all notifications go out the day before the sale starts. Each subscriber has the option of changing his or her Subscriber settings, but the default time for notifications to be received is the day before the sale. This means that your sale needs to be published no later than 9pm Central Standard Time, two days before your sale begins. Many of our subscribers still receive their notifications the day before a sale begins, around 9am, but some have chosen to receive notifications two, three, or more days before the sales' starting dates. Some subscribers (though we don't recommend this setting) have specified to receive notifications once a week. Unless you're submitting and paying for your sale listing a week before it begins, your sale may not be in every single subscriber's notification, though it will be in a majority of the notifications, as long as it's been published before our deadline.

What's the cut-off time for uploading pictures?

There isn't a deadline for uploading pictures like there is for making payment for your sale listing, however, you'll want to try to upload any pictures you have for the sale before people receive sale notification emails.

In which city will my sale be listed?

By default, your sale will show up in its home city and within a 100 mile radius.

How do I sign up my company?

To get started with the company signup process:

Add Company

Once you've selected your company package, simply click on the "Sign me Up" button. You'll be prompted to enter your company information. Once you've finished the signup process, you can click the "Add a Sale" button on your the Welcome page of your to start the process of listing a sale.

How do I list my company's sales?

Once logged into your company account, you'll simply need to click the "Add a Sale" button and enter the appropriate sale information along all five steps of our Sale Wizard. Depending on which package you chose, and whether or not you've added any Featured Slots or extra pictures to your sale, you may or may not need to make a payment to publish your sale on the last step of the process - the PUBLISH step.

Why can't I get into my account?

Reset Password

First, double-check the email address and password you're using to log in. Passwords on our site are case-sensitive, so you'll want to be sure that you're typing everything correctly. After you've made sure that everything is being typed correctly, you can use the "link provided". If you have any problems with receiving or using the reset code that our system will automatically send you, you can send us an email from the email address on file for your company with your password reset request, and we will manually reset the password for you.

Why isn't my sale showing up?

There could be more than one reason that your sale isn't on a City page. Be sure to check your filter settings on the City page to ensure that your sale meets your search criteria.

Double-check that it's been published by looking at the sale on your company's Welcome page underneath the "My Traditional Sales" header. If you see a yellow highlight, your sale might not be published (either because you have made a change to the sale dates, or because it is pending a payment). Click "Edit Sale" and go to the sale's PUBLISH step to find out.

You might also be looking on the wrong City page. Try entering your sale's zip code in the search box at the top of the site to see if it shows up in that list.

In rare circumstances, your sale might have been unpublished or removed from our site. Check your Welcome page to see if your sale is on your sale list. If it isn't (and it hasn't just ended), check your company's listed email to see if we've sent you a message in regards to the sale. If we have to remove or unpublish a sale, we will send you notification as to why via the email address you've listed as your company's contact email address on our site.

Why is my company at a certain place on the company page?

Companies on the Hire a Company city pages on our site are arranged randomly, by package, with companies in a certain city listed before companies that are not in that city, but are advertising in the city. Out-of-town companies that wish to advertise in a city are listed randomly in a group below the companies that operate primarily in the city. Please keep in mind that this random order is per visitor. So, the order may appear to not change, but it is a different order for each visitor to the site. You can get a different order by closing all your browsers (or restarting your computer or device).

I'm having a certain type of sale, but I want to mark it as a different type of sale so it can receive more exposure. Is that okay?

Each sale listing you publish to our site must be marked correctly. If you're conducting a moving sale, you must be sure to change the Sale Type in STEP 1 to "Moving Sale Inside Private Home." Auctions, must be marked as "Auctions", an online auction must be marked correctly as an "Online Only Auction." When we find that a sale has been marked incorrectly, we will change the sale type and notify you of the change via email.

What do I do with my company's contact list?

If you have a list of email addresses for people you've been notifying of your sales, you can upload the list so that these people can become subscribers to your newsletter and your sales. You have the option of adding them as subscribers of your metro area too, so that they're notified of other sales in their location.

You can upload the email list by clicking Newsletters from your account home page, then Upload Subscribers. Follow the steps to send your email confirmation and enter the email addresses you wish to upload.

I paid for a Regionally/Nationally Featured slot, but my sale isn't featured. Why not?

When you purchase a Regional or National featured slot, you've purchased a week of that feature. Features begin on Sunday evening at 9 pm and run until the following Sunday evening at 9 pm. If you've moved the dates of the sale so that the sale is being conducted in a different week from the week you originally had scheduled the sale and purchased the Feature, you would need to purchase the Feature again for the new week. Featured slots don't move along with the date of a sale; they are permanently fixed to a specific week and are non-refundable.

Removing the Feature you selected will not make the featured slot you took available again, nor will it credit the fee back to the credit/debit card you used to make payment.

If you haven't changed or removed and replaced your sale date(s), unchecked the boxes necessary to remove a feature that you'd previously selected, or done anything else that would unpublish your sale, there may be some other reason that the sale isn't visible on our site. If so, please contact our office, and we'll be glad to find out what's going on!

What's the difference between Locally, Regionally, and Nationally Featured slots?

Local Feature: Featuring your sale locally will help to distinguish your sale from other sales taking place at the same time, in the same city by highlighting your sale on the sale's primary metro area page in orange. Only two locally featured sales are allowed per week. Featured spots are offered on a first-come first-served basis.

Regional Feature: Featuring your sale at the regional level ensures the announcement of your sale reaches more people in your region. We display three regionally featured sales randomly on city pages within 250 miles of your sale and in emails sent to subscribers who are located within 250 miles of your sale.

This option is ideal for targeting people who are in the same region where your sale is taking place. You can see a list of these cities in the sale region on STEP 5 of your sale listing under the link, "same region where your sale is taking place."

National Feature: Featuring your sale at the national level ensures your sale receives the maximum level of exposure on our site. Three nationally featured sales will show at random on our home page, city listings pages, and e-mail notifications sent to subscribers. If your sale has a varitey of items that would be of interest to a national audience, this is the option for you!

If there are more than three sales featured for a Region or Nationally, three sales will be displayed in the Regionally/Nationally Featured Sales area at the bottom of city sale pages. These three sales are randomly switched out among any sales that are featured for the week.

All featured slots are non-refundable, so you'll want to make sure of the date of your sale before you purchase a feature. Changing the week of the sale removes any featured week you originally selected, which would require you to purchase a new week for a featured slot, if you still wanted your sale to be featured.

Why am I getting notifications that include sales that are out of my area?

Log into your Subscriber account and click Notification settings. Nationally and Regionally Featured Sales are sales that can be 250 miles or more away from your home location. If you don't wish to be notified of these sales, you can un-check the boxes in front of Nationally Featured Sales and Regionally Featured Sales and click the "Save My Info" button at the bottom of the page.

You can also check your specified driving distance which will limit the number of sales.